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ControlRoom 0244WEB

Vintage Analog meets Modern Digital in a Comfortable Setting

“The porch is the perfect place to cultivate your garden of music. They have all the tools to get you where you want to be. The vibe is always good and the fidelity is top notch …you can’t go wrong. Bring your next music project to The Porch you won’t be let down”

-Billy Keeton (Audiotopsy, Skrape)

Trident 0241WEB

Built Around Our Customized Trident Series 80 Vintage Analog Recording Console


"Absolutely had a blast working with the one and only Tim LauD Productions at The Porch Studio. Top notch gear, laid back professional environment. All the things you need to make great music!"

-Billy Grey
(Fozzy, Dangerous New Machine)


KTsRoom 7682WEB

Three Complete Studios…One Flat Rate. Access to all of our gear for 1 price

“Love this studio! Stoked to have tracked and mixed our album with Kevin. It sounds huge!"

- Josh Juaz (Electric Dawn)


Rack1 0232WEB

Trident 80 Console, Mytek Digital A/D/A, Trident, API and OSA Mic Pres, SSL, Urei, and EL8 Compressors

"I thoroughly enjoyed creating and recording on The Porch.  It was the perfect environment to maximize creativity and get excellent sounds.  (At the end of the day, the proof is in the end result, and ) the end result from The Porch was phenomenal!  Kudos to Tim and staff!"

- Curt Taylor
(BONZ, Primer 55, Killer in the Workplace)


LiveRoomFar 0162WEB

Focal & Mackie 824s, Moog Sub 37, JSX, JCM900, Mesa Bass, Plexi, TR-909

“The Porch is such a great place to record. Everything from the setup and gear to the atmosphere is just so conducive to creativity. The Trident sounds incredible! We tracked with Kevin Tuck and I could not be happier with the results. I have been recommending The Porch to everyone I know. Thanks Kevin, and The Porch Studio, for the unforgettable recording experience!”
- Rafiq Basaria  (Faces of Many)

GtrHeads 7001WEB

 Operated by Musicians…Great For All Styles of Music …Rates By The Hour, Day or Week

I’ve recorded at the porch several times and couldn’t be happier with the end product. Tim got the exact tones and feel I was looking for. Every time. Above and beyond with diligence and passion for his craft.

- CJ Orazi (Familiar Sin / New Breed Conflict)

Patch 0158WEB

In-House Engineers

We had a blast recording on The Porch. Working with both Tim and Kevin on 6 songs we couldn’t be happier with. They provided a comfortable & productive atmosphere that allowed us to capture our best performance. Both their equipment and engineering are top notch. These recordings are the best representation of our band to date. We have other recordings, but feel they strayed from our sound in the mixing process. Not the case with these guys. I would work with them again any chance I get.
- Hutch Rymer (Vapid)

ControlRoom2 017WEB

 Flexible Rates…Priced with Musicians in Mind

Tim Lau
(321) 439-2444
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Kevin Tuck

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