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***  NOW IN OUR 25TH YEAR  ***

Our goal was simple ... create a unique, professional studio with a comfy vibe & low overhead that could provide EXPERIENCED PRODUCTION & ENGINEERING for PRODUCERS, ENGINEERS & PROFESSIONAL MUSICIANS.  Our most recent upgrades include an incredible sounding PROTOOLS HD RIG with MYTEK converters, AND our one of a kind, beautifully restored TRIDENT SERIES 80a vintage analog console, completely re-built and customized by Creation Audio Labs Inc. There are only a handful of these beautiful consoles in operation today. A BIG THANKS to SOULFLY for
helping us break her in.

For over 25 years, LauD Productions has provided its clients with a professional and comfortable setting to create and capture their music. Keeping our overhead low has allowed us to offer very flexible rates, all while maintaining an arsenal of quality Digital and Vintage Analog equipment. Our only goal is to deliver a professional product, on time, and on budget. We can accommodate any type of session, Tracking or Mixing, full band albums to singles and demos. We are currently located in a commercial space near Orlando. Call or message me to discuss your project. 321 - 439 - 2444
Michigan Bands, we have had great success with several projects that were tracked with Patrick at our sister studio, P.O.'d Productions in Lansing, Then mixed here in Florida on the Trident. (Check out "El-Guapo"). This can be a very affordable way to get that Big Analog Sound and still record close to home. Just mixing through the Trident console makes a HUGE difference!! Hit me up for details.

Look around to see more of the Orlando studio & some of the session photos! If you are interested in working with LauD Productions, leave us a note here, or call Tim at the studio @ 321-439-2444.
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  Tim LauD Productions
(since 1990)

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