LAUD PRODUCTIONS PORCH STUDIO offers a wide variety of services to help you complete your recording project. From full album production, to basic editing services , Laud Productions can help you get your project finished in a professional and timely manner.  Please remember we work with ALL styles of music!

We realize no one rate is appropriate for every session. We put together package deals based on the clients needs and budget. We've include a price range to give you a "ballpark" idea of what things may cost, but there are creative ways to make any budget work. So call us, talk about your project and let us put together a rate just for you. 321-439-2444

Below is a list of Porch Studio services and what you could expect to pay.












----COMPLETE ALBUM PRODUCTION WITH PRODUCER----- This is the whole enchilada. Benefit from 20 years of recording experience with full production with Producer / Engineer Tim Lau. This is for groups ready to put their best foot forward & wanting to do the best recording possible. This includes everything, from pre production through mix. From beat detective to re-amping and Auto tuning, you get all the tools. We keep extra anal attention to detail with EVERYTHING that is done. Usually working this way we spend 10 to 15 hours per song tracking, and 10 to 15 hours per song mixing. You can see recording a 12 song album can easily take 250 hours or more. So you should expect this to cost around $500 per song, or more, usually with no time limit.

----TRACKING----Maybe you already have a mixer, but need a quality place to get the tracks down. Or maybe you have your own studio but need a place to record drums. We got you covered. We can track you entire album here, then hand it off to your favorite mixer. We pay super close attention to getting great sounds and great performances. We will hand you clean, correctly rendered tracks you can be proud to hand to ANY mix engineer. If you need great drum tracks for your own session, that is something we specialize in. Come in and track all the drums, get complete beat detective editing (if needed), then take the tracks home and start recording. There is nothing like starting with SOLID drums. We can export the files in whatever format you will need. This type of session will normally be by the day. $350 to $500 per day, OR block rates from $35 to $50 per hour (in ten hour blocks).

----MIXING----Record all your own tracks at any studio, then send them to LauD Productions to get that BIG mix sound you are looking for! Often time you spend weeks recording great tracks, and the rough mix's just fall flat. Getting all those great tracks mixed correctly is not easy. Mix engineers have YEARS of experience & there is no substitute for experience in this area. At The Porch, we have 20 years of mix experience. We spread all those tracks out on our Trident Analog Console. The difference between mixing in the computer and mixing on this analog classic is staggering! You WILL hear the difference! We have all kinds of tools to make your mix as professional sounding as anybody. There are several things that MUST be done during tracking for us to make the most of your mix. (Very Important) Please call and talk to us BEFORE you begin any tracking! Mixing is usually done "by the song" or flat rate. Since every mix in very different, it is tough to quote a pre song without knowing more about the tracks, but you can expect to pay around $250 per song.

----DEMOS---- OK, on a tight budget? or just need a quality demo of all your songs? We can do it. We have  demo packages available. Come in and work for a couple long days with our staff engineer, and walk out with a finished demo. As always, we strive for a professional sound, but when working on demos we do more "live" tracking, and we are not so worried about everything being perfect. We focus on getting a quality representation of your group. Recording this way, you can get a huge amount done in a 2 or 3 day lockout. Depending on the engineer, we have demo packages starting at $800.

----EDITING (BEAT DETECTIVE)---- Everybody wants their drum tracks to be perfect. Listen to any song on the radio, you will never hear a mistake. (what a shame) is this possible? Beat Detective!!!! You've heard about it, Maybe you have tried to use it. Well, as you know this tool is very difficult to use. LauD Productions offers complete Beat Detective editing of your tracks. As a drummer and engineer, I (Tim) have become very efficient with the program, and know how to make your drums perfect, while retaining your performance. Guaranteed. Send us your tracks, recorded to a Pro Tools click, and I will beat detective the entire track, To your specification all for a flat fee. The current rate for a song 5 min or under is $60 per song (3 song min).

----FLAT HOURLY TIME--- This is the way all studios use to do things. Pay a flat hourly rate for however many hours you want and do whatever you like! This works great for the singer/ songwriter who want to come in with a guitar and record a bunch of songs. If none of the other options is for you, this is it. Our hourly rate varies depending on how much you buy. Currently $50 per hour.

----RE-AMPING----Don't have the money for a Dual Rec., or 5150? Record all of your guitar tracks DI (direct in) then send them to the porch for re-amping! We have a great collection of guitar amps to add to your sound. Currently we have a Peavey JSX, Marshall JCM 800 and 900 and a Dual Rec. Also, about 5 miles down the road is one of the largest equipment rental companies in the country, where we can rent anything! We will re-amp your guitars through any amp you want, with a great mic pre and great converters. We will return your tracks with that wall of guitars you want! Rates are per song....Call.

----STUDIO MUSICIANS---- We have musicians of all styles available for your needs. If you have songs, need songs, need players.. . Whatever, we got 'em. Call and let us know what you are looking for. Remember, professional musicians are not cheap, nor should they be. Usually hiring a great musician saves you time recording because they get the part done quickly. Professionals can usually learn parts in the studio, and after a couple takes get the part down. Time is money! Be prepared to pay a professional musician at LEAST $50 per hour (usually more). Many times with a minimum of hours.

----FREELANCE ENGINEER---- Hire an engineer to come to your favorite studio. Most studios charge a special rate that does not include a house engineer, so you can bring your favorite. I (Tim) travel all over the country, and am very comfortable in other studios. You can hire a freelance engineer for a day rate plus expenses. Most engineers require a multiple day booking and expect ALL expenses to be covered. (travel, food, lodging). Day rates will usually be $250 per day and up.

----LOCATION RECORDING---- We have a mobile rig! We can come to you! Record on location in your favorite space, or record a live show. The mobile recording possibilities are endless. So the costs can be as well. Call for a detailed quote.

----DIGITAL TRANSFERS & ARCHIVING---- We can transfer your old digital and (some) Analog to a current format. We can transfer from many older formats including; Vinyl, Cassette, 1" and 2" Analog, VHS, DAT, & ADAT. Call

If you are in need of any services not listed here please call and tell us what you need. If it is something we can not do here, we can refer you to a professional studio that can take care of you. "Thats just how we roll"........

Thanks for reading this far! Please keep us in mind for your future recording projects!


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