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LauD Productions and Family had a very interesting couple of years. Between our Gainesville deal falling apart, finding a new temporary home for the studio, and welcoming a new member to my family, I managed to work on some incredible projects. I was able to do some mixing, some tracking and some drumming! Heres a few highlights......

- Greg and Matt from Mudvayne grab Billy Keeton from Skrape and the legendary Perry Stern from Trance OD to form the new group Audiotopsy. They end up on The Porch in late 2014 working with Tim LauD Productions. By early 2015, ten songs are tracked, a record deal is done, and the album is off to Mix. It was incredible having all these great players here and being able to help produce this album. Will be out on Napalm Records. Catch em on tour!


El Guapo - This is the second album from these guys that I've worked on. This time Grady brought me up to Michigan to cut basics at P.O.'d Productions in Lansing. After Pat finished almost a year of overdubs, the album was sent back to me to mix in Florida. Man, these guys are killer players! Great funky bass grooves, massive guitar work, and great feeling songs.  I've enjoyed everything Grady has done, but I think this is my favorite so far! Find em online!


Bobby Gustafson / S.T.
- I couldn't have been happier to get the call about mixing Bobby Gustafson's long awaited offering to the metal community. Growing up a huge OverKill fan, I was super excited to get involved. Bobby recorded 5 songs in various locations in Southern Florida. After the usual setbacks, he triumphed and made his way on to The Porch for a mix session with Tim LauD Productions. The EP contains 5 songs with 2 different singers, and one instrumental. So it covers a lot of ground, and has many of the flavors I love about his playing. I hope the feedback convinces Bobby to do more!  I'm ready!! Find him online......or the streets of Florida!


Trance O.D. - This is the 3 piece project with myself ( Tim Lau ) on drums. For the last year or more I have been camped out on The Porch with 2 of the best players Ive ever jammed with! We are a power trio, and we have (as of now) an albums worth of material.  It has been great to spend so much time in the studio working on our own stuff. We crafted all of it in the control room. Its a great way to work when you can! When the time is right, we will release Trance O.D.

Purgatory Grove - This was a very bitter sweet session. Knowing we were going to loose our brother brought together a group of guys who have known each other for many years. We gathered in the depths of winter at P.O.'d Productions in Michigan. The goal was to make and capture music. This session was special to each individual involved in there own way. I thought it was the perfect way to say goodbye to a great friend! It resulted in ten Purgatory Grove songs that were mixed by Myself and Pat Ondrus. Rest easy Big Norm....We will meet again....Who Is It!



While we build our new facility we are keeping busy working on several cool projects. First is the new full length from BONZ (Vox/Stuck Mojo). We are Tracking and Mixing a full length, for release in 2014. Also we are working with the incredible Billy Keeton (Vox/Skrape). Billy is working on a bunch of new songs to be finished as we go through 2014. We are also working with 2 Michigan Bands. El Guapo & Purgatory Grove will be Mixing full length releases with LauD Productions next spring 2014! Much more about these projects, our new facility, and new web site coming very soon. This is going to be fun!! T


I've kept things pretty quiet at LauD Productions over the last couple years, but I still managed to have a few projects come my way that I just could not pass up. Below are a few of the projects that made there way onto The Porch over the last couple years. We will be up and running at full strength this summer 2013 and there are many other changes coming for LauD Productions in the next couple years as well. We will update the site as things happen

Primer 55 (Atlanta) - It has happened!! Primer 55 have returned to LauD Productions to begin work on a new Full Length Album. Bobby Burns and Co. will be making several stops here throughout the Summer/Fall of 2013. By the time this is posted there should be about 5 songs finished. I was very excited to hear that I would get to do a Full Length Primer Record. Keep an ear out for these guys. They tour North America regularly.


Stereo VuDu (Gainesville) - I again had the great pleasure of  being able to work with Wester Joseph and Co. In the spring of 2013 I took the HD rig mobile up to Sun Hill Studio and tracked the single "Super Melody". This track it one of the most unique recording and mix projects I have ever done! A blend of Dance, Jazz, Soul, Rock.....I don't know what to call it, but it came out fantastic. Always great to work with such talent. There will be more from the group soon for sure!!


Ku De Gra (Earth) - This is the ongoing solo project by me, Tim Lau (and friends). We currently have 10 songs tracked with Drums and Rhythm Guitar, and we are working on getting the final pieces to fall in place. This will include many musicians
from LauD past and current. I hope to include as many musicians that I have worked with, as I can. I am currently working on Bass and Vox. More as it happens...


Hannah Harber
(Gainesville/NewOrleans) - This is another great artist to come to us from Sun Hill Studio in Gainesville. I mixed Hannah's album on The Porch in the fall of 2012. Expertly tracked by Dave Newell at Sun Hill, it is a smokey, vintage flavored sound with great moody songs and fantastic musicians. Hannah plays guitar, sings and writes all her own music & lyrics. They are very memorable, personal songs. I am always excited by the diversity of the music I get to
work on. This is a perfect example. Check her out, she plays all over Florida and beyond.


El Guapo (Lansing MI) -  Straight out of Lansing,  Grady Hall Presents, El Guapo!! Take Metal Guitars, Funk Bass, and a Latin flavored drum section, an
d you got El Guapo. This mix came to us in early 2012 from P.O.'d Productions in Lansing. Pat and Grady spent a ton of time making sure everything was recorded just right, So I spent a ton of time mixing it!! It is a fun listen and everybody involved thinks it came out great. We will be starting the next El Guapo July 2013 for early 2014 release.



13 Below (Orlando) - This female fronted heavy rock band is here this fall tracking a 9 song full length. A little Dime Bag meets Pat Benatar, with some swamp. A great Orlando band. This album will be a good listen. Should be out this fall 2011, check em out live. They play all over the place.


Wester Joseph's Stereo VuDu (Gainesville) - I spent the entire month of July ('11) Mixing this incredible album. A mix of many great styles, and incredible players. A creative blend of Classic Rock, Blues, and R & B, This was tracked at Sun Hill Studios in gainesville by Dave Newell, then I mixed it on the Trident in Orlando. Wester is an amazing talent and this album shows the diversity of the talent involved. Please check him out on Reverb Nation. To be released soon.....

Injxshn 2011
(Gainesville, Lansing MI) - read that right. I recently tracked basics for 6 new INJXSHN songs. This is a reunion of original members Dave Kress, Randy McNeil, and Shannon Strobel. Straight out of the late 80's, these guys have been my brothers for years, and it is awesome to be making new music with them. Its sounding great. Good heavy Rock-N-Roll. We will be finishing the tracks through the end of the year. So maybe I should say...."Injxshn 2012"

Machinage (SP Brazil) -  Another Great project from Brazil!! Machinage, I mixed the full length " It Makes Us Hate " for this Megadeth styled, crunchy Brazilian metal band. These guys play some pretty large gigs in South America and recently did a tour of the eastern USA. Great stuff.... Check em out......


Great Awakening (Orlando) - These Guys are awesome!! Traditional Thrash Metal done right ('90s Bay Area style)! We brought these guys in here to do a 3 song promo for labels. It came out so great they are selling them at shows! The recordings really captured there great live attitude. Keep an eye on these guys for sure. They play often throughout Florida. More soon.....


Armageddon III (E.Palatka FL) - A3 came in to The Porch, and with the subtelty of a nuclear bomb, destroyed the place. Take a bass, plug it into a bas rig AND a guitar rig! yeah, now use a switch box to switch between bass, guitar, and both....Put mad Drums and Vox with that?? You got A3. a 3 piece, no guitar experience you need to see or hear to understand. One of the most unique projects I've worked on in years!!


HMENNON (SP Brazil) - I dug deep to make this mix as heavy as possible. Brutal & Raw, the way it should be. This full length album was recorded in Brazil and shipped up to Orlando for the mix. There are some great metal bands in Brazil right now, Hmennon is one of them!!. Check em out!!


Skin Culture (SP Brazil) - My brothers....I did a  mix for the single "Rapture", for Stand And Deliver Records. Hope to be mixing the new Skin Culture full length this winter 2011.



THE RISE OF DEFIANCE (Orlando) spent 2 months here tracking the rest of their 11 song debut. Tracking began on the new HD rig last October. As of December all of the tracks are recorded, and mixing is about to begin. This album sounds f***ing incredible. This will be the finest LauD Production to date!! Check it out this spring. Also, check out T.R.O.D. opening for ANVIL at the HOB Orlando this January!

FAMILIAR SIN (Orlando) are in the process of recording a 3 song promo. 1 of the rough mixs is already up! These guys slam it out, the way it should be. We will be finishing up the 3 song this month. Keep an eye out for these guys, they play often all over the state.

THE BLUE (Gainesville) Cut 3 songs a couple months back and are ready to return to finish their full length debut. Catchy, Melodic, "Rock n Roll". Great song writing, feel good music. Check these guys out! Great musicians.........More from them soon!

PRIMER 55.....LauD Productions has been chosen to mix the entire full length Primer due out this spring. We mixed a few songs earlier in the year, now it is time to complete the album. We will also be adding a few new songs to the album with Tim Lau (me) on drums.......sweeet.  Hit Bobby Burns up and send him some love.

and YES,YES.....our LAUD SAMPLER 2010 IS happening. We have waited till all the upgrades were done, and the time is now! I will be mixing all the songs this spring. (I will do it as fast as I can, but expect an early summer  2010 release.)

JAMES MURPHY....legendary guitarist and producer James Murphy has booked time with LauD Productions. James will be bringing several projects to The Porch this year for tracking. All mixing will be done by James at Safe House Productions. More details as I can.......


The full blown ASS KICKIN' that is GETCHA PULL has begun!! These guys have started 5 of the tracks for their next release. Slammin' ....thats all I can say at the moment. These 5 should be done by the end of Feb, then look for the band out on the road.....

THE RISE OF DEFIANCE. These guys blew through The Porch Studio in December to record the first 2 tracks of their debut full length, due out later in 2009. The 2 tracks really showcase the progressive, technical & creative elements of this super creative group. Check em out! The mixs came out great as well. More to come from these guys this spring.....  

Solo project FAREWELL FRIEND is a project by BRIAN HELMER (Whisper Dying, Noxus...) This will be a collection of Brian's songs with guest players from around the Orlando scene. Hooky & Heavy.....these recordings will hit the street this summer. 

The legend of ANIMAL MOTHER continues. My brothers (and sister) from my home town, who I have worked with for years have started their next full length! The first 3 song were tracked at our Michigan studio in October, and mixed in Florida. The mothers always progress & I am always excited to hear the next songs. More to come on this album when I make my next journey to Michigan this spring.....

Congrats to RISING UP ANGRY for their awesome new years eve gig with Sevendust! The Orlando HOB was packed, and a great time was had by all. R.U.A. will be on The Porch this spring for a session to be included on the LauD Productions Sampler 2009 coming soon.....  

Also, Just to be animals....SOULFLY are getting to set off on a European tour that will be 57 shows in 58 days, through 27 countries!! Take That........

We’ve recently installed a beautifully restored Trident Series 80 recording console, and have had the pleasure of having Metal legend Max Cavalera, bring his band SoulFly here last fall to record their 6th album "Conquer" for Roadrunner Records. The album is availabel everywhere! I am requesting everybody out there who likes heavy music, or those who would just like to support a LauD Productions client, to pick up this new CD. It really is an awesome album, and we put a lot of work into it. It was also mixed by the one and only Andy Sneap. Thank for your support! 



Theory Of Disorder, Debut album out August 2008. Theory Of Disorder spent most of the spring of 2008 tracking their 1st full length with Tim LauD, on The Porch. The 10 song album is full of catchy, melodic, and heavy music. This album is a strong effort, and displays a serious showcase of talent in every band member. The powerful vocal performance is surrounded by great riffs, a super skilled rhythem section, tight guitars and the return of the much missed guitar solo! The songs are currently being mixed by Tim Lau and should be ready for an August 2008 release. Keep an eye on their site for updates.



There have been rumors that Primer 55 will be making a return to The Porch. Thats the word on the street! We Will keep you informed of developments.



Skin Culture- from Brazil will be mixing their ep release "The earth spits" with Tim Lau on the Porch's Trident 80. This is brutal, raw tribal metal. South American style all the way. The new 6 song ep will be available later this summer. Keep an eye on their site for updates!


FORGOTTEN FORGIVENESS....Straight out of the streets of Lansing, Forgotten Forgiveness have been tearing Michigan up for 2 years now. Their debut album captures the complete madness of their live show. Heavy, Chaotic, but very musical and exciting. This was one of the first albums mixed on the Trident console at The Porch. The album is currently being mastered, and due out by the end of summer. These guys are waiting to bust of Michigan, this album is ready to help.


Love Said No have been out touring the states for months with their EP recorded on The Porch. The tracks were recorded in 2007, and the full album is waiting to be finished. The EP showcases the mighty vocals of Eric Rogers (Stereo Mud) and the catchy, strong song writing that could be on any radio station today. These guys should blow up. We all know how tough this business is, but these guys are great, so lets hope they land the "right" deal and we can finish the full length. CD's are available through their site.



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